First Patent Approved

Today, the European Patent Office announced that patent EP/3359318 for the Company’s novel technology has been approved and published. The approval marks the first patent issuance which will be followed by continuations in parts originating from the patent application.

The patent covers Particle3D’s process for 3D printing a three-dimensional object, the process comprising a bio-ink of ceramic and solid state carbon powder particles suspended in a solid but melt able fatty acid matrix. The bio-ink facilitates a new additive manufacturing process where objects are constructed directly from a computer-aided design (CAD) file. Particle3D will use this new way of 3D printing to enable the creation of controlled voids and porosities within medical implants, allowing for optimized bone ingrowth with wide-ranging benefits for patients needing bone repair.

Particle3D is currently  at a pre-clinical stage of development, setting up production in accordance with ISO certified standards in order to produce P3D Bone implants for human use. Particle3D has established good medical proof in large animal models, and aims to reach human applications by primo 2022.
At present, the technology is used to provide the additive manufactured implants, for in vitro and in vivo research (cell lines, therapeutics and animal models). With P3D Research Line, Particle3D offers an optimal simulated bone environment customized to specific research needs, ensuring accurate research across trials.


About Particle3D

Particle3D is a Danish MedTech company founded on proprietary technology to 3D print patient-fitted, natural and degradable bone implants. This enables faster ingrowth on bone tissue, remodeling into real living bone, and results in fewer complications. The technology can also be used for 3D printed R&D products, implants with additives, such as antibiotics or other drugs, and even in industries outside healthcare. Website Particle3D – We Print Bone.

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