Particle3D is the winner of AMS Startup Competition, Boston, 2020!

Particle3D attended the third annual Additive Manufacturing Strategies summit in Boston which, this year, evolved around the Business of 3D Printing: Medicine, Dentistry and Metals.

On February 11th, 2020, the event’s Startup Competition took place. Here, one seed-stage 3D printing startup focused on either bioprinting, hardware, materials or software has the chance to win a prize of $15,000 from the early stage venture fund Asimov Ventures.

Particle3D’s CCO, Casper Slots, pitched the Company’s business case and presented how We Print Bone™. Throughout his pitch, Slots made clear to the audience how we work to improve the lives of people with bone defects and why this new solution is the future of 3D printing in medicine and dentistry.

Particle3D went home as the winner of the Startup Competition who followed the competition closely talked to Slots after having received the wonderful news, who said:

“We are extremely happy,” Slots told me when I caught up with him after the competition was over. “This is the first validation we actually have from the US. We are a Scandinavian company, and it’s hard to get recognized over here. Winning this competition is maybe the first step in the US.”

Thank you to the jury and Asimov Ventures for believing in and supporting our mission.


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