This Machine 3D Prints Bones for Better, Healthier Implants – by WIRED UK

Particle3D’s managers were interviewed for a story by WIRED Magazine about our work to develop better, healthier implants that remodel into real living bone.
The story which was published on February 7th, 2020 has already received much attention.
At Particle3D, we are humbled that WIRED as well as other media and an increasing number of supporters have recognized that We Print Bone

Casper Slots in Particle3D's laboratory

Photo: alastairwiper for wireduk

You can read a short exerpt of the news story below:

As a nurse in Denmark, Casper Slots got used to seeing the pain that ill-fitting artificial bone implants caused in patients. Some were left in permanent discomfort, or had their faces disfigured by “one size fits all” models.

This is a customized 3D printed bone

Photo: alastairwiper for wireduk


Particle3D is pushing for not using foreign materials anymore

Customised implants generally use non-degradable materials such as polymer or titanium that don’t behave like organic matter. In their research, Slots and Jensen found a material that would not only replace damaged bone, but encourage new bone to grow back. “I would like to help patients and push for not using foreign materials anymore,” says Slots. “We’re using something that could be part of the patient.”

Do you want to learn more about why and how Particle3D is working to replace the use of metal and other foreign materials with 3D printed biomaterials?

Read the full story by WIRED UK right HERE

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