In support of Danish cancer awareness week

This week is Danish cancer awareness week, and we at Particle3D would like to join the Danish Cancer Society in this united, active effort against cancer.

We want to take this opportunity to bring focus on bone cancer throughout the week and support the important work that is being performed by bone cancer researchers.

Therefore, if you are engaged in bone cancer research, we would like to donate some of our lifelike bone scaffolds to your research project.

Reach out to us during this week (week 43) and we will send you a message to discuss how you can use the 3D bone environments in your cancer research. You can get in touch with us via the contact form below, or send an email to The scaffolds are offered in a range of different designs and sizes and may be used in vitro as well as for in vivo animal trials. Therefore, we kindly ask you to state your research needs to help us find the best solution for you.


Applications of P3D Scaffolds in cancer research

The 3D bone scaffolds can be used to create good
research P3D Scaffolds in 12-well platemodels for bone cancer research and screening of anticancer therapies. By adding cancer cells to the porous β-TCP structures, you can create a tumoroid model that mimics the in vivo environment of tumors and the interplay between the tumor and the bone micro-environment. The 3D cell culture models thus enable you to better understand these dynamic in vivo interactions, and allow for accurate assessments of the efficacy of anticancer drug candidates as well as accurate predictions of patient outcomes.
According to the response to these drugs, you can move on to animal trials, as the P3D Scaffolds can be used for both in vitro and in vivo research.

You can also read more about the P3D Scaffolds for pre-clinical research here.


Contact us to request P3D Scaffolds for your bone cancer research:

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