We Print Bone™

Natural and Patient Specific
Bone Implants

Particle3D is the developer of a patented 3D printing technology to produce natural, patient specific, and bioresorbable bone implants that remodel into real living bone.
In short: We Print Bone™.

We want to allow surgeons to provide bone implants that precisely match patient needs and streamline workflows, thereby improving patient outcomes and procedural efficiency while reducing costs.

For patients this entails low risk of adverse effects, optimal functional and aesthetic outcomes, and fast recovery.

Technology Explained

The Problem

Bone reconstruction is a surgery performed millions of times each year, from congenital bone defects to victims of accidents, and sufferers of diseases like cancer. Today, these patients receive a harvested bone piece or live with titanium in their body for the rest of their lives.

The Solution

Particle3D has developed a novel technology to reconstruct the patient’s exact anatomy with 3D printed, patient specific implants with bone-like porosity. The implants are made from natural biomaterials which degrade over time and remodel into real living bone tissue.

The Future

Our implants can be designed to deliver additives, including growth factors, antibiotics, and chemotherapy, which can be released over a controlled period of time. These eluting properties open new options for treatment of bone defects.


Particle3D is founded on the invention Feedstock for 3D Printing and Uses Thereof and studies commenced in 2015 by the three founders: Casper Slots, Martin Bonde Jensen, and Morten Østergaard Andersen.

Their specific goal was to create a 3D printed implant solution for replacing destroyed or surgically removed bones — a solution far better than existing practices in terms of customization, precision, and healing.

The P3D Business

We use this innovative and award-winning technology to develop revolutionary bone implants, including implants that are designed to deliver additives such as pharmaceuticals and growth factors with wide ranging benefits for patients.

Our specific expertise within medical 3D printing is further used to provide a research product line of bone models wherein disease mechanisms can be studied and new treatments can be tested ― P3D Scaffolds.

The technology is widely applicable and has the potential to be used with many materials and in a wide range of industries beyond the medical field.

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