P3D Licenses

3D Print Your Ceramics Optimize Your Business

Particle3D’s novel technology enables you to create complex, 3D printed ceramics with internal pores and channels. The technology has the potential to be used with many materials and in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, agriculture, and chemical.

Therefore, Particle3D offers IP licenses and expertise to help players across a broad range of sectors manufacture complex porous structures.

3D Printed Ceramics Have Many Applications

Ceramic materials are not just used for bone implants; they have a wide variety of applications including aerospace components, spray nozzles, heat and fire resistant materials and chemical catalysts.

In many of these applications it is important to have a 3D structure with internal voids such as channels or pores. Such structures are difficult to create with traditional ceramic manufacturing techniques and even many 3D printing methods.

We have developed a unique technology that makes it possible to create 3D printed ceramics with internal voids such as pores and channels.

Contact us for information about how we can help you 3D print your ceramics and optimize your business by making use of our IP licenses and expertise.

The Sustainable Impact of 3D Printing

3D printing not only allows companies to develop unique products and structures which are difficult or even impossible to create using traditional manufacturing techniques; the technology renders possible a more sustainable production. 

By 3D printing your products, you can optimize your business while establishing a more responsible production with a significantly reduced waste of material as the 3D printer uses only the material it needs. Furthermore, the manufacturing technique saves transport resources by enabling a production closer to the end-user and reduces your stock need.