Particle3D to present at the LSX Nordic Congress

Meet our CEO, Thea Wulff Olesen, and CCO, Casper Slots, at this year’s LSX Nordic Congress in Stockholm, August 28-29, 2019.

Representing Particle3D, Casper Slots will present among the most innovative Nordic companies working in life science in front of an audience of pan-European investors. 

Below, you can read a teaser for our presentation:

Tissue destruction is a far too common condition that afflicts millions each year, from victims of accidents and violence to sufferers of diseases like cancer and infection. Particle3D aims to improve the treatment of patients with tissue loss.

We are applying a patented technology developed at the University of Southern Denmark that lets us 3D print patient-fitted implants made purely from biomaterials found naturally in the human body.

As our implants are porous and made from biomaterials they convert into natural living tissues upon implantation, eliminating many of the complications that current treatments have. Due to their special chemical composition, the implants can also be loaded with pharmaceuticals to combat infections,
improve implant performance and treat systemic diseases.

Our technology is useful for addressing both hard and soft tissue reconstruction, its performance is backed with hard science from extensive pre-clinical work including several animal trials, and it may be used with many materials and in many industries beyond the medical field.


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