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Now, manufacturers and designers in the US & DK are also mobilizing to help tackle the supply chain crisis facing hospitals. With its ability to meet stock shortages rapidly, #3Dprinting offers solutions to help relieve the hospitals in need.

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3D printed valves for respiratory intensive care equipment saved the lives of COVID19 patients in Italy by meeting a hospital’s stock shortage in a very short amount of time.
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Ingen reservedele: Italienerne 3D-printer ventiler til respiratorer

3D printing helped address a critical stock shortage in a hospital in Italy. Breathing device valves were 3D printed in record time to face the emergency and save dozens of COVID-19 patients!

I love this Danish startup (which is part of why I wrote this article about them) and you should too 🙂 via @singularityhub

24 customized P3D Scaffolds for an in vivo study. Get in touch with us, and we will gladly initiate a dialog about how you can benefit from our expertise in printing 3D structures that mimic the trabecular structure observed in human bones #Biotech #biomaterials #bioprinting