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While a wide range of metal, plastic and #biomaterials are used to repair and replace damaged bone today, no type of implant is currently able to meet all clinical needs, and the question of which material is most suitable remains controversial.

3D printing is yielding advances in #biotech and drug development. With the capacity to overcome the shortcomings of conventional 2D cellular models and animal models, 3D cell cultures show huge potential in #regenerativemedicine and #diseasemodeling:

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Custom-Made Bones Are Being #3DPrinted in a Lab Then Implanted in People @Particle3D 👌

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Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) recognizes that 'printed bone' is the next step of even more advanced technology after 3D printing has already revolutionized the field of prothetics:'printed-bone'-the-next-step-after-3d-printing-revolutionises-prosthetics
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Material choice for bone reconstruction ― pros and cons. New blog post from Particle3D: