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Tumoroids are miniaturized versions of tumors that can replicate and mimic human tumor microenvironments. Read about why #tumoroids represent a promising tool for cost-effective cancer research:

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New blog post about bone cancer, its types, causes, and effects at

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This week is Danish cancer awareness week, and we want to take this opportunity to support #bonecancerresearch by donating our lifelike bone scaffolds to bone cancer researchers. Read more and request scaffolds for your research here:
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It has been a great pleasure working with @groenbruun on the execution of our proposal for the Eurostars program with which we aim to advance our R&D activities, after successfully securing funding from EUopSTART:

We see a profoundly impactful today; that the medical industry is trying to standardize bone implants though are faces and bodies are not standardized, but rather, highly unique, and critical to our feeling of identity:
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