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We are proud to announce that @NSAwards has shortlisted Particle3D as Startup of the Year AND Best Healthtech Startup of the year.
We would be happy to get your vote:

#HealthTech #startup #lifescience

Let’s just spill the beans: @Radiobotics and @Particle3D are two of our courteous pack members that are ready to take over the world. Or at least the north. They’re nominated as the Best HealthTech Startup in 2020 @NSAwards. They’re ridiculously awesome. Both of them🦾

New paper: Treating mouse skull defects with 3D‐printed fatty acid and tricalcium phosphate implants, out now in the Jounal of #tissueengineering and #regenerativemedicine.

This week is about raising awareness and money for cancer research and prevention, and not least, patient support. At Particle3D, we are proud to contribute to this united effort to fight cancer and support those that are affected by this horrible disease.

Tumoroids are miniaturized versions of tumors that can replicate and mimic human tumor microenvironments. Read about why #tumoroids represent a promising tool for cost-effective cancer research:

#cancerresearch #bonecancer #oncology #cellculture