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RECEIVE A RESEARCH GRANT WORTH UP TO 10,000 EURO. Particle3D selects relevant research projects who will be granted P3D Scaffolds worth up to €10,000 for their study.
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We are proud to announce our new Chinese patent, that has been granted for our 3D printing technology.
This marks Particle3D's third patent issuance, following the approval and publication of its U.S. and European patents in 2020:

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Bone provides a living system with essential rigidity. Accidents, infections, bone tumors, and other diseases make bone repair and #regeneration a substantial challenge in orthopedics. #bioprinting #3dprinting @particle3d

For the past 100 years, the medical industry has done a great job building a library of materials that are suitable for different types of #bonereconstruction. Today, new tech allows surgeons to tailor implants with their patient’s uniqueness in mind:

Just published! #Interview with co-founder and COO @particle3d our upcoming webinar speaker focusing on #3dbioprinting #bioprinting #BONE #musculoskeletal #bioprinter