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For the past 100 years, the medical industry has done a great job building a library of materials that are suitable for different types of #bonereconstruction. Today, new tech allows surgeons to tailor implants with their patient’s uniqueness in mind:

Just published! #Interview with co-founder and COO @particle3d our upcoming webinar speaker focusing on #3dbioprinting #bioprinting #BONE #musculoskeletal #bioprinter

July 8, our CCO, Casper Slots will be presenting alongside world-class scientists and entrepreneurs at @3dheals webinar on 3D #bioprinting #bone.
The four speakers will share their latest discoveries and entrepreneurial journeys. Register here:


The idea behind @particle3d is actually quite simple.. In our most recent blog post, our 3D Printing Production Specialist, Philip Firouzian, shares his perspectives on what #3Dprinting is all about 👇

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