We are Particle3D

Particle3D is a Danish medical technology company working to make bone replacements more accurate, effective and safe.

In 2014, two engineering students and their professor invented the revolutionary technology as a solution to a problem. The then head of the unit for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Odense University Hospital asked them to investigate a solution for replacing destroyed or surgically removed bone that could surpass all conventional treatments offered. He asked for a material that is easily moldable, slowly degradable and natural to the human body, allowing surgeons to restore the patient’s tissue to its former shape and composition.

Particle3D has received several awards for developing this new technology including the Danish Venture Cup 2017 & Best Danish Health Tech Startup 2019.

Meet the Particle3D Team

The Company is driven by a strong team of ambitious, innovative and talented people who have extensive experience within life science, technology and business development.


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Particle3D raises capital through West Hill

                        Particle3D ApSVestre Stationsvej 15, 15000 Odense C Denmark Press Release   Particle3D raises capital through West Hill ODENSE, May 18th, 2020 – Particle3D, We Print Bone™, is pleased to announce that the £2.5 million capital raise through...

Particle3D enters U.S. partnership with Asimov Ventures

First step into the U.S. market Particle3D receives investment from New York based venture capital firm, Asimov Ventures, and enters valuable U.S. partnership. The partnership with Asimov Ventures marks the Company's first step into the U.S. market, looking toward an...

I am very pleased to see the development and execution of our corporate strategy advancing. In addition to the company’s finalization of the development and registration of the innovative 3D printed customized bone implants, we intend to devote significant time and effort to pursuing global opportunities in offering 3D printed implants for different indications with the possibility of adding slowly released medication, such as antibiotics, which we belive offers tremendous opportunities for patients and health care providers.

Thea Wulff Olesen

CEO, Particle3D

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide 3D printed natural bone implants to reduce complications, improve functional and aesthetic outcomes, and obtain faster recovery.

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Particle3D Featured in WIRED Magazine

This Machine 3D Prints Bones for Better, Healthier Implants - by WIRED UK Particle3D's managers were interviewed for a story by WIRED Magazine about our work to develop better, healthier implants that remodel into real living bone. The story which was published on...