We are Particle3D

We are a Danish medical technology company working to make bone replacements more accurate, effective and safe.
In short: We Print Bone™

Two students and their professor invented the revolutionary technology as a solution to a problem: a local maxillofacial surgeon searched for an implant, better than current titanium implants, that could optimally reconstruct the human jaw. He asked for a material that is easily moldable and natural to the human body.

Particle3D has received several awards for developing this new technology including the Danish Venture Cup 2017.

Our Team

Particle3D is driven by a strong team of ambitious, innovative and talented people with extensive experience within life sciences, technology and business development.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide 3D printed natural bone implants to reduce complications, improve functional and aesthetic outcomes, and obtain faster recovery.

About the Company

TedxWarwick Talk by Casper Slots

3D Printed Bones: Why This is the Future Casper Slots, CCO of Particle3D, explains how 3D printed bones can restore and recreate a patient’s anatomy for optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes. The talk, which was given at a Tedx event in Warwick, centers around the...

Meet Particle3D at the LSX Nordic Congress 2019

Particle3D to present at the LSX Nordic Congress Meet our CEO, Thea Wulff Olesen, and CCO, Casper Slots, at this year's LSX Nordic Congress in Stockholm, August 28-29, 2019.Representing Particle3D, Casper Slots will present among the most innovative Nordic companies...

I am very pleased to see the development and execution of our corporate strategy advancing. In addition to the company’s finalization of the development and registration of the innovative 3D printed customized bone implants, we intend to devote significant time and effort to pursuing global opportunities in offering 3D printed implants for different indications with the possibility of adding slowly released medication, such as antibiotics, which we belive offers tremendous opportunities for patients and health care providers.

Thea Wulff Olesen

CEO, Particle3D

Latest News From Particle3D

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Introducing 3D Printed Bone Implants

A Qualitative Survey of CliniciansIn collaboration with Particle3D, Msc in Engineering, Health & Welfare Technology, Jennifer Faridi, has performed a qualitative survey of clinicians in Neurology and Oral and Maxolliofacial surgery to examine their expectations...

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