Bone Implant for Research Use to Validate Particle3D’s Technology and Material


In 2014, Particle3D’s three founders, Casper Slots, Martin B. Jensen, and Molecular Biologist, Morten Ø. Andersen invented the Company’s proprietary fatty acid based 3D printing technology in a newly established biomaterials laboratory at the University of Southern Denmark.

What was then a bachelor’s project resulted in the invention of a novel bio-ink that could be 3D printed into bone implants for human use, or complex and natural scaffolds, that are biocompatible and bioresorbable. The technology is useful for addressing both hard and soft tissue reconstruction, and its performance is backed with hard science from extensive pre-clinical work including several animal trials,


Particle3D launches R&D product prior to the expected market launch of P3D Bone

Now, with the launch of P3D Scaffolds – which is a version of the P3D Bone implant made for pre-clinical research use – Particle3D’s fabrication method and bone material is to be validated through the application of these bone-like scaffolds in various studies and tests by researchers worldwide, both in vitro and in vivo.

“The invention is validated through researchers’ usage of the P3D Scaffolds, generating data that demonstrates how cells, pharmaceuticals and bacteria interact with each other and with the the bone inside its pores”, states CEO of Particle3D, .


About Particle3D

Particle3D is a Danish MedTech company founded on proprietary technology to 3D print patient-fitted, natural and degradable bone implants. This enables faster ingrowth on bone tissue, remodeling into real living bone, and results in fewer complications. The technology can also be used for 3D printed R&D products, implants with additives, such as antibiotics or other drugs, and even in industries outside healthcare. Website Particle3D – We Print Bone.


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