Particle3D is now providing uniquely lifelike bone environments wherein disease mechanisms can be studied and new treatments can be tested. The P3D Scaffolds which may be used both in vitro and in in vivo animal models are a fine combination of natural bone materials and a physical shape that precisely mimics the body’s bone environment.

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Nordic Startup Awards Finalist 2019

Best Health Tech Startup An impressive 3300 nominations, across 13 categories, were achieved for this year's Nordic Startup Awards.At Particle3D, we are happy and proud to announce that we are among the finalists in the category of Best Health Tech Startup, and we are...

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Becoming a Medical Device Company

From University Project to Startup In 2014, a new research unit at the University of Southern Denmark, established by Associate Professor Morten Østergaard Andersen, was asked to investigate an optimized solution for replacing destroyed or surgically removed bone. The...

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Tedx Talk by Casper Slots

3D Printed Bones: Why This is the Future Casper Slots, CCO of Particle3D, explains how 3D printed bones can restore and recreate a patient’s anatomy for optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes. The talk centers around the revolutionary technology and how it can be...

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Introducing 3D Printed Bone Implants

A Qualitative Survey of CliniciansIn collaboration with Particle3D, Msc in Engineering, Health & Welfare Technology, Jennifer Faridi, has performed a qualitative survey of clinicians in Neurology and Oral and Maxillofacial surgery from Odense University Hospital...

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