Tissue destruction is a far too common condition that afflicts millions each year, from victims of accidents and violence to sufferers of diseases like cancer!


Particle3D has the means to reconstruct patients using patent pending technology. 3D printed implants, fitted for each patient externally but also internally!


Particle3D uses materials endogenous to the human body, which over time readsorbs and converts to real living bone tissue, reconstructing patients to their former selves!

Patient Fit

Particle3D works in close collaboration with surgeons to provide implants fitted for each specific patient by using their own personal CT-Data!

This strengthens the outcome for each patient as not only is the aesthetic appearence of the patient reconstructed to prior trauma, the operating time is also greatly reduced as the surgoen does not need to shape implants by hand during surgery!

Endogenous to the body

At Particle3D, we manufacture our implants from materials endogenous to your body. Over time the material degrades and is transformed to new living bone tissue. You might say, that we provide building blocks for new bone!

The Power of 3D Printing

Particle3D uses patent pending technology to 3D print customized implants that are not only fitted externally, but also internally. This allows for faster ingrowth of bone tissue and less complicatiosn due to bacterial infections, as the immune system is allowed acces to the enterity of the implant!

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