We print bone


Tissue destruction is a far too common condition that afflicts millions each year, from victims of accidents and violence to sufferers of diseases like cancer.

Particle3D aims to improve the treatment of these patients.

We are applying a patented technology developed at the University of Southern Denmark that lets us 3D print patient fitted implants made purely from endogenous compounds found naturally in the human body. As our implants are porous and made from endogenous materials they convert to natural living tissues upon implantation eliminating many of the complications that current treatments have. Due to their chemical composition, the implants can also be loaded with pharmaceuticals to combat infections and other diseases. Our technology's performance is backed from extensive pre-clinical work including several animal trials.

Particle3D's goal is to revolutionize bone restoration of trauma or cancer patients, who have lost former appearance. Our Implants restore appearance and health of the patient, while eliminating complications currently seen with standard treatments.